Friday, December 17, 2021

Episode 36

Episode 36 

In this episode I discuss a new technique for overcoming recording difficulties, why staff paper makes me angry, and come to terms with Halloween Kills. The episode ends with a great piece by Fadi Rachid.

Fadi's Youtube Page

Also, for those interested:

I said on the show that I didn't like "Halloween Kills," but didn't get into why I don't like "Halloween Kills".

I took issue with a lot things, but the most egregious transgression was the return of the Immortal Michael Myers. It seemed as though the previous movie made a point of saying Michael is only human, and is sustained by a relentless determination to do evil. There is no back story, no explanation, just an evil dude. And this is scary. The idea that someone could just be born evil is far more terrifying than someone who is nurtured into evil. But once the slasher becomes immortal, he loses believably, and the scariness is drastically reduced.

In previous sequels Michael took on the common slasher trope of becoming an immortal being who simply cannot be killed. It got especially weird in parts 5 and 6 where they decided Michael was the satanic offspring of some cult ritual. I can't remember exactly, as it was extremely forgettable. While the 2018 Halloween seemed to rectify this and started us down an exciting new path, HK pulled a complete 180 and decided to go home and stay safe. Michael is now an unstoppable tank who cannot be killed by blade, bullet, or flame.

Fortunately, the 2018 film works perfectly as a stand alone sequel to the original. This is fine with me. Not everything needs to be a trilogy.

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